The digital library portal offers an overview of all publications from the publishing activities of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art and the Verein für Volkskunde (the Association for Folklore): exhibition catalogues, news, the Austrian Journal of Folklore and various publication series.
Additionally, in the category library collection you will find digital copies of selected publications from the library of the Museum of Folklore with reference to the collections or to research activities. Digitised material from the museum´s photographic and manuscript collection supplements the offer.

Use a large number of digitised publications free of charge: ONLINE PUBLICATIONS (Menu in German language)
If you would like to purchase a publication in physical form and have it sent to you, please send a direct request: buchbestellung@volkskundemuseum.at

Publication Series:

Exhibition Catalogues
Catalogues of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art and the former Ethnographic Museum Schloss Kittsee
Nachrichten. Volkskundemuseum Wien
News sheet of the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art
The Austrian Journal of Folklore (ÖZV)
The Austrian Journal of Folklore is the largest professional publication medium in Austria. 
Publication Series
The Austrian Journal of Folklore book series, the "Publications of the Austrian Museum of Folklore" book series, special publications of the Austrian Folklore Society, Austrian Folklore bibliography, Documenta ethnographica, the Raabser fairy tales, Kittseer Schriften zur Volkskunde
Library Collection
Electronically available publications from the museum library
Photo Collection
Electronically available works from the museum's photographic collection

Digitized copies of selected manuscripts from the museum's collection of picture-print-paper and devotional objects